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I cannot physically read hardcovers

They’re so annoying to open. Then they feel like they’re going to close every second I move my hand away from them. I much prefer the trade format as it’s easier to read.

Yet I have Secret Warriors V1 and Wolverine: Evolution in HC format. Dang.

  1. scotsman18 said: I’m with Lem and Andrew on this one. I think my HC/TPB ratio is 55:45. Only Omnibuses are a bitch to read cause I have to sit at the desk to read them cause they hurt my wrists if I lie in bed with them.
  2. talkingtrades said: TPBs are harder to keep open until you get to the middle, and then the same thing happens again as you go towards the end. HCs you can just flip open and the page will stay where you want in my experience. Only massive omnibuses are difficult.
  3. impactwebbing said: See, I prefer hardcovers because you can actually open them without worrying about spines cracking, whereas TPBs, you can’t. Plus, I like the larger pages.
  4. sci-pie said: I only own 1 HC and 113 TPB lol I agree with this opinion
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