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Big-ass spoilers about The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Don’t go in here unless you want to be spoiled for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Seriously. Don’t do it!

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"What if something happens to you.. because of me?”

Marvel’s greatest extras. 

Yeah man, give me a little review. I'm wondering if I should wait for DVD or see in cinema. I still haven't seen The Wolverine yet because I was waiting for DVD and now I just couldn't care less haha

It was… enjoyable. There is a lot to like. Peter and Gwen’s scenes always seem natural and are fun to watch. Spider-Man swinging and jumping around never gets old. His fluidity during fight scenes is my favourite thing and the camera doesn’t cut away a lot of these times. The final fight is definitely a highlight for several reasons. I also really liked the use of music but that’s got a mixed reaction from people. It’s certainly good fun. 


I do have several issues though. Characters who have nods to the comics are brought up as though they’re important but then fade away with almost nothing to do. One big character (in the comics) has one scene then nothing for the rest of the movie. Harry’s arc doesn’t feel quite natural and is very rushed towards the end, although Dehaan is very good. Electro has some great effects and has a sizable amount to do but it feels like he’s just a villain for Spidey to fight and there until the Goblin comes into play in the end. 

I think it’s worth seeing but it’s one of those movies where you’ll notice little flaws throughout, and after the movie ends, those flaws become more apparent. I didn’t come away disappointed by any means but I didn’t come out on the same high I did with the first one or an MCU movie.

Possibly going clubbing after seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2

Drunk people everywhere. Loud, annoying shitty music. Crowds of people I don’t know. Bright lights which will flicker on and off all night. Dancing.

Can’t wait. 


Achievment Hunter arranging themselves like their in-game counterparts Gavin’s Heist

Let’s Play GTA V - Gavin’s Heist [The heist begins and Gavin immediately kills himself.]


Finished True Detective. Community ends this week. Two shows down and I can concentrate on the other bunch I have.


Orphan Black! Fargo! What are you…


Jaime likes pie now.


"I originally met Tommy in San Fransisco in an acting class, of all places and I watched him perform a Shakespearean sonnet. And I think everyone in the class was horrified." - Greg Sestero




We are all Josh Hutcherson

The HunTer Games and Catching fireS tho

That smirk like wtf are you talking about

Very glad I decided to watch Game of Thrones online this morning instead of waiting for Sky Atlantic because spoilers are literally everywhere.